WOD? AMRAP? PR??? – Learn the CrossFit Lingo

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how to speak crossfit


If you’re considering starting CrossFit, new to CrossFit, or even if you’ve been doing it for a while, you most likely feel overwhelmed and confused by the seemingly excessive CrossFit jargon, acronyms and terminology.

Don’t worry!

Everyone went through that phase when they first started, and before you know it, the madness of CrossFit lingo will become a second language to you.

To help you get to that point, here’s a list of some CrossFit basics:


AIR SQUAT:  Squat down until hips are below your knees & back up so hips are fully extended AMRAP : As Many Rounds/Reps As Possible
ATG: Ass to grass/ full depth squat BS: Back squat with bar on your back
BAND ASSISTED PULL UP:  Band lopped over bar to help with pullups BOX: Name for CrossFit gym
BWT : Body Weight DL: Deadlift
DU: Double under. Skip rope passes under you twice EMOM: Every Minute On the Minute
HANG CLEAN: Bar starts from hips and ends on your shoulders HSPU: Handstand Push up
KB: Kettle Bell K2E: Knee to Below
MU: Muscle Up. Hang from rings or bar and perform combination of pulliup, dip and push up OHS: Over Head Squat. Bar is held over head and squat below parallel
PISTOL: Single Legged squat POWER CLEAN: Olympic Lift where bar starts on ground and ends in racked position on shoulders
POWER SNATCH: Olympic lift where bar starts on ground and ends over head PR: Personal Record
PUSH PRESS: Bar Starts on shoulders and using slight dip in the hips presst the bar overhead with arms fully extended PUSH JERK: Similar to push press but you jump as you lift the bar to catch it
RACK POSITION: Bar rests on collar bone or anterior deltoids & is supports by your hands REPS: Repetitions . One full performance of exercise
RFT: Rounds for time RX: Completeing the workout as required or prescribed without scaling or adjusting any exercises
SDHP: Sumo Deadlift High Pull. Similar to deadlift but you use a wider stance and narrow grip & use your legs and hips to accelerate weight to under your chin TABATA: Interval training of 20seconds on 10 seconds rest for total of 4 minutes
THRUSTER: Front squat into a push press WALL BALL: Exercise where you use a weighted ball held at your chest. Squat below parallel and throw the ball to a set target and catch again in a squat
WOD: Workout Of the Day