Higher Life CrossFit is just what the name suggests.

We have a passion to see you excel at life

Our hearts beat to the sound of Clanging weights. What started as a small garage box just for the two of us, has catapulted into a first class training facility. CrossFit has become a lifestyle for us, and we have a thriving community of people who are passionate about Health and Fitness. For us, CrossFit has developed a mental strength and tenacity, which equips us for life. In July 2015 we welcomed Michelle Lloys-Ellis to the team at Higher Life CrossFit. Michelle is equally as passionate about the sport, and is a great example of health and fitness.

Don’t make CrossFit your life, do CrossFit so that you can do life and be awesome at it.


Our vision is to serve the community in which we live and beyond in making health easily available and attainable. We wish to challenge the status quo in mindsets, habits and thoughts surrounding sickness, wellness and fitness.


Our Mission is to create a community of people who are living abundant lives physically, mentally and spiritually.