As a team and coaches at Higher Life CrossFit, we aim to motivate and encourage a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Quick-fixes and crash diets are no way to establish good eating habits for life. Diet and nutrition are often deemed the most controversial subjects, as there is always a new trend or way of eating. It’s easy to be swayed into one school of thought. One just has to read a magazine or notice the adverts that bombard us every day. We believe there is no “one-diet-fits-all”.

Your body is UNIQUE.   –        One mans food is another mans poison” .                                                                                                        What works for one persons body may not work for you.

We have adopted lifestyle habits for healthy eating that have worked for us. We fuel our bodies, just like we fuel our cars. You won’t put diesel in a petrol car, and you choose good fuel for your car so it runs as efficiently and smoothly as possible, and so it will last on those long journeys. Our bodies are no different. Choosing the best fuel for your body is a sure way to get the best performance from it. Fueling your body correctly now will lay a foundation for your health for years to come. Yes, there is definitely some sacrifice in the beginning. You may need to give some to get some. But, the results long-term are well worth it.

Failure to stick to an set eating plan results from not educating yourself as to the “why” you should choose to not eat a particular food. For example: if you Google the effects that sugar has on your body in terms of your immunity, energy storage and a number of other detrimental health impacts, you will be more likely to cut down on sugar and be more mindful when choosing what to eat. Knowledge is power, so get educated on what you are putting into your body. Read food labels, identify foods that don’t agree with your body, journal your food intake and notice how different foods effect your moods, emotions and physical being.

To put a general guideline to how we fuel our bodies is simple:

EAT REAL FOOD! Choose foods in their most natural state.      
Refined, processed and chemically enhanced foods may taste really good for a moment, and then that pleasure is gone and you let feeling bloated and tired. Be wise in your choices. Research the preservatives on food labels, broaden your knowledge and understanding on what goes into the food you eat.

And no, food is not going to be boring and tasteless. It does take a few minutes of preparation and effort, but enjoy experimenting with our recipes.

Remember: WHAT YOU PUT IN; YOU WILL GET OUT…. so choose the best input for your body and the output will be the best.