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Why do we exercise?

Why do we strice for those heavy lifts?

Why do we puff and pant and sweat through WODS every day?

We’re human. Designed for movement, not the stationary lifestyle that we’ve adapted to. We love the drive and purpose behing what we do. There’s a goal. There’s a direction. We’re going somewhere. I believe the next lots of shirts to get printed should have the following on them

fun run

We want more for ourselves and for our families. To be a great leader and example for them and to change things for yourself.

A leader is someone who knows the way, shows the way, goes the way – John C Maxwell

Lets start walking the talk in terms of setting goals, believing in yourself and reaching your potential in terms of strength, health and fitness.

Enter the cult – CrossFit.

  • A place that requires its members to be on time.
  • A place that requires its members to set goals and will hold you accountable through regular testing and assessment.
  • A place where discipline and hard work are highly prized and your results are determined by both.
  • A place that requires its members to commit to a set number of training sessions per week.
  • A place that sets technical standards that I am guided by and am held accountable to.
  • A place where you’re recognized as an individual but expected to be a team player.
  • A place that requires its members to have patience and a long term view with a commitment to the basics.

Starting out, I was fearful of the WOD most days and the voice in my head was constantly telling me ‘There’s no chance. You can’t do this.’ I’m sore, my hands are torn to shreds, it’s hard making it there – having to wake up early, organize the kids and getting there on time but I do it anyway because I’m progressing.

I’m excited. I’m getting stronger. I’m learning new skills and I’m making new friends who are committed as well. We do it together, as a team. We are all fearful of the WOD most days and somehow we get through it and after a few weeks I now start to recognize that while fear may always exist, I’m not moving forward and progressing if I let it hold me back.

I don’t cherry pick. I do it all, even if I’m terrible at it and know it’s my weakness, I do it. That negative voice that I was hearing constantly, I hear it less and less and even if it’s only a whisper at first, it’s changed. I’m now telling myself I CAN do it.

Imagine how that changes your life? You have opened up a whole new dialogue with yourself. A positive one, for perhaps the first time in your life.

Now you are on your own team. You are now your biggest supporter. Now you are in control of where you are headed. That is the voice I used to hear as a gymnast. It is back and now I am in control.

This place, this set of rules, this culture is pushing people beyond the limitations that they have set for themselves throughout their lives and all of a sudden, they are doing what they have never done.

All of a sudden they find themselves alive, perhaps for the first time in their lives and dreaming of a future where anything is possible.  A place that develops your physical and mental state that can’t help but transfer into your personal and work life.

You want more for yourself. You expect more from yourself. You have raised the bar on your own life. You have become an athlete in and out of the box.

You think that CrossFit has taken over your life and your family think you are now part of a cult because you have changed.

But it is not a cult.

it is not even CrossFit.

It is you.

CrossFit is a tool showing you the way to actively taking control of your life. Giving you the recipe for success:

Have Discipline.             Be consistent.                        Surround yourself with like-minded people.                Set Goals.                  Work Hard.                   Achieve.                                 Repeat.
You are now moving forward with purpose and clarity, living the life you want to live in a way that you choose to live it.

Now you have progress and momentum. You are now moving forward with purpose and clarity, living the life you want to live in a way that you choose to live it. Living the life that you deserve and living in such a way that makes you proud.

That’s what CrossFit means to me.