My Fitness Journey- Noncebe Tyala

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My 2015 fitness journey

As I look back at 2015, as I reflect on my fitness journey I’m amazed at how far I have come. The year for me non3has been filled with an immense sense of accomplishment.

Somewhere in the plans that are destined to my lifestyle plans met theirs:


I called Kayleigh and the mnonoment we talked I knew I had found the right place. From what I eventually discovered, I missed a launch that was fit for the fitness history books. I was impressed that there is a nutrition program involved.

I must confess, I was so intimidated by the big men with big muscles and thought to myself, “This ain’t gonna work”.

Secretly in the tiny body clad with gusto and will power, louder than the chariots of fire, these big men had met their match!

I was ready, I had goals, this was going to work, intimidation or not, it had to work!

I am smaller than the average woman my age (simply translated “skinny”) as my 7year old daughter ever so innocently and playfully phrases it. Having worked in the medical field for almost 11yrs I’ve seen the reality of how blood saves lives and unfortunately I can’t donate blood due to my weight. This has been my biggest motivation, to put on weight to be able to donate blood.

In February-March 2015 I mastered the courage to face my fitness fears.

Two things I know I have:

  • Mental strength
  • Personal power(power to act).

I knew my muscles alone were too tiny and weak(I had not exercised for more than 4years due to a never ending list of work and family commitments). I had to rely on my mental strength to make this work.

I still remember my early days when I did one on one sessions with Kayleigh(I thought to myself, “I’m not coming back here”) but in the background, cheers of encouragement and motivation from the group: Mooi, Mooi…You can do this….Well done! What camaraderie! What a friendly environment and a sense of family unit!

I still have to pick my jaw up from the floor, the orderliness and organization, not to mention the nutrition program.

I’m not where I want to be but I’m grateful at how far I have come…..

I know that when I am physically fit, my threshold for everything goes up a notch. non4

My ultimate lesson from this amazing experience is this one: when you take care of your physical and spiritual being, all your other aspirations become so much easier , because you are in the right state of mind.

I know that where I am at physically, influences my attitude and enhances everything in my life!


Thanks to the CrossFit team/family!

Now I truly know why Zola Budd keeps running! 

Noncebe Tyala (Member at Higher Life Box)