How will CrossFit make you look?

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Here’s a fun exercise.  Start typing things like “Will CrossFit make you” into google, and see what people are searching…

A quick glance down the list, and you’ll see that most of the questions have to do with body image

If you’re wondering how CrossFit will make you look, here’s the truth…CrossFit will make your body look the way it is SUPPOSED to look.

Many times your body will drop excess body fat to make it easier to jump on top of boxes and pull your chin over the bar for pull-ups.  Other times your body will add muscle mass to make it easier for you to powerfully lift heavy weights.

However your body changes, please realize that this is how you were MEANT to look.

You were meant to run fast, jump high, lift heavy, and skillfully do work!  Which means that the more suited you are for completing a variety of tasks…the more you will look like YOU!

Abusing your body with a poor diet, and laying on the couch until you suffer from any number of common illnesses associated with our increasingly unhealthy culture…ISN’T YOU!

Focusing on specific muscle groups, swallowing an endless stream of supplements, and severely dehydrating yourself to look ripped so you can be evaluated SOLELY on your physique…ISN’T YOU!

Spending hours upon hours doing cardio, and restricting calories to an unhealthy level in the pursuit of a thigh gap…ISN’T YOU!

Being fit is you.  Being strong is you.  Being able is you.  Being confident is you. Loving your body is YOU!

When you do CrossFit, you will move toward the body you were created to walk around in.  You’ll have a body that will serve you well in any situation.  You’ll have a body that can help others.  You’ll have a body that is more resistant to sickness, injury, and overall decrepitude.

Instead of being concerned about how society will look at us after we start CrossFit, let’s start being concerned about a society that doesn’t recognize what healthy looks like.

When you do CrossFit, you might look stronger…You might look thinner…You might have a 6 pack…You might have a bigger butt…You might have smaller biceps…You might look more confident…You might smile more…You might have significantly tougher looking hands…

The point is…CrossFit will make you look how you were MEANT to look…and we think looking like YOU is absolutely wonderful 🙂