Higher Life CrossFit – WODDING on!

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The team and members at Higher Life CrossFit are ecstatic to be celebrating our sixth month in operation!

How time flies when you occupied with so many Personal Records, first-time muscle ups, pull-ups and Hand-stand push ups. We have certainly had many cheers and shouts with members doing what they thought was impossible. We have welcomed many new members, and have really enjoyed exposing people to the CrossFit methodology. Its seeing athletes with a true passion and appreciation for the sport that keeps us motivated and innovative.


Our WODs have been focused on technique and tapping down on the intensity a fraction. We have seen such benefit from this. It has also come to our attention of the “competitive” drive and reputation that some boxes have. We would rather instill in our members to





Looking to the future, we are thrilled to be welcoming Michelle Lloys Ellis as a coach-in-training. Michelle will be coaching along-side us as well as coaching a few sessions on her own. Those of you who know this incredible athlete will, no doubt, know that she practices what she preaches and is a great inspiration!

As the saying goes “HARD WOD, HARD BOD!”

We anticipate some great results in the months to come