Warrior Race

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Jeep Warrior Race

Ballito 11-12 July 2015



What makes this recipe of mud and obstacles so successful is the constant boundary pushing innovation by the organisation team behind the event. Each event has new challenges and with that the obstacles only grow bigger and better.

Listening to the throngs of smiling participants it is the infamous Mud Monster and the Tower of Rage that usually stand out for most. The Mud Monster is usually a 100m stretch of mud riddled with 3m humps and 3m dips athletes have to navigate and the Tower of Rage is a 6.3m platform athletes need to jump off into a pool of water.

Obstacle Racing is still rather new to South Africans and a lot of lessons had to be learnt the hard way but with comments from athletes like “It was the best Jeep Warrior yet, and I somehow say that after each one I do” and “This was my first Jeep Warrior and I’m absolutely hooked, I won’t miss another one!” shows the event organisers are learning from their mistakes and making the changes as they go.

The Jeep Warrior Race has certainly struck a chord with the outdoor minded and that sense of accomplishment mixed with team building fun.